Most Indian Millennials Believe in Monogamy and Want to ‘Fall in Love’ with One True Partner

Most Indian Millennials Believe in Monogamy and Want to ‘Fall in Love’ with One True Partner

February 17, 2020 Off By beantrends

As Valentine’s week kickstarts, international dating service OkCupid made an annual check in with millennials in India about love, romance and relationships in the 21st century. The app reviewed findings from user responses to hopefully find the answer to what men and women really want. Like every year, millennials are keeping it interesting and get real about feeling lovey-dovey on V-day.

While the Indian millennials today are evolved, well-traveled and like to live life king-size, they still love those old-school coffee dates. A large majority of both men and women report a preference to chat over a steaming cuppa while out on a first date, even now. And despite what every other generation is saying about millennials, most of them truly believe in the beautiful serendipity of falling in love and want to live ‘happily ever after’ rather than exploring multiple relationships. Funnily, the most interesting finding is that unlike popular perception, men are actually hopeless romantics at heart and like to go all guns blazing on planning Valentine’s Day celebrations. No judgement, but love deserves to be celebrated and most people did agree that love is not overrated or over celebrated.

First date? Coffee please!

An overwhelming percentage (85%) of the app’s millennial users across India are unanimously in love with the idea of a quaint coffee date when they meet someone for the first time. After all there is something so timeless about coffee and conversations!

Is love a motivation? What would you name your greatest motivation in life?

For sure! While most millennials have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge (46%), love is not far behind with over 30% men and women saying that they are still driven by the idea of true love.

Interested in falling in love, people?

61% of women and 53% of men consider love as a true stroke of serendipity and want it to just happen to them by chance. Surprisingly, the tables have clearly turned as 35% of men love the concept of falling in love and really want it to happen to them compared to only 25% of women. The remaining few people said they either avoid love like plague or are unsure or indifferent to it.

Is love overrated and over celebrated?

The idea of V-day and celebrating a whole month of love might make it seem a bit overdone and cliche to 33% of millennial users. However, 39% of them feel otherwise. They really believe in the idea of love and feel that it deserves to be celebrated in all its glory. All love everywhere!

One or many?

When asked whether they believe in having a one partner for the rest of their life or multiple fun and intense relationships, 82% of women unanimously voted for the former. They believe in ‘happily ever after’, whereas 67% of men want to explore their options and multiple relationships before they commit to THE ONE!

Marry for love only or should it not matter?

71% of women will only get hitched if they are in love with their partner, whereas 61% of men do not consider marriage out of love a sacrilege! Are we shocked?

Are you a believer of hopeless, unrequited love?

While women are considered to be the ones to usually fall head over heels in love, and sometimes foolishly so, the survey found that in fact, a majority of the women users were far more pragmatic, especially in Delhi and Bangalore. 66% of the women on the app cannot understand the concept behind hopeless, unrequited love and find it just unfathomable. However, the rest are still chasing their unattainable love. 47% of men across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru find it impossible to let go of their unattainable love.

First date on V-day? Yay, day of love or nay, too cliché?

Much more men (65% of them) are more likely to plan a first date on Valentine’s Day, compared to only 50% of women. Romantic much?!

Do you think you are romantic?

A staggering 77% of men think that they are the most romantic person they know compared to 65% of women on the app.

Show me some love on V-day?

While the majority of respondents (58% men and 53% women) are ‘okay’ either way, 40% women and 33% men want their partner to do something special on Valentine’s Day. Show them some love.